Conditions - SureDate
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Conditions of Membership


We accept any information given as precise and in good faith. It is our aim that all applications should be successful and we assure every effort will be made on our behalf to do so.

We expect that on receipt of your application, we may already have suitable introductions on file. However, SureDate cannot guarantee the number of introductions in any given time.

We take no responsibility whatsoever for the result of any meeting introduced by us or the outcome of any contact between members.

We assure you that all information given by our members is strictly confidential.

We reserve the right to automatically withdraw any member, or refuse any applicant that does not meet the high standards of SureDate.

Membership fees are not refundable, but may be sustained in certain circumstances.

SureDate accepts no liability of any kind by any publication in which we advertise.

As a condition of membership, applicants must agree to:

  • Meet all clients that are selected for them and not try to establish compatibility over the phone.
  • Respond promptly to contacts given (letters, telephone etc.)
  • Let us know when you are temporarily unavailable.
  • Be removed from membership if infringement of the rules occurs.